Formula Feeding Helpline

Because 8 out of 10 babies will be fed formula and nobody wants to talk about it …we’re here to talk about it and answer all of your questions – today.

Quick facts about us:

  • We are the only helpline dedicated solely to formula feeding support that is not owned and operated by a formula company. Additionally, we do not participate in any endorsements. This enables us to produce bias-free recommendations to every client who contacts us.
  • The only product that we sell is tailored advice designed to help you and your baby. We make formula product recommendations that are right for your baby, not for our bottom line.
  • We are staffed by experienced, caring formula feeding consultants who not only formula fed their own children, but also have 35 years of combined experience providing hands-on formula feeding help to families.
  • Our formula feeding consultants have extensive knowledge of every formula on the United States market. Babies require a formula that best suits them, and switching is sometimes required. Use our expertise to help make a selection that is right for your baby.
  • Our formula feeding consultants have hands-on experience dealing with numerous (and quite common) feeding issues – reflux, GERD, MFPI, malacias, slow feeding, latching issues, constant fussiness after feedings, spit-up, allergies, and intolerances – we have seen it all and can help.
  • We are judgement-free. We are aware of the current infant feeding climate in which we live. And we know that many new moms who contact us never planned on formula feeding. Rest assured that when you contact us you will receive customized formula feeding advice delivered as if it was coming from a caring mom, sister, or best friend. Our approachable and friendly consultants are here to support your choices and provide customized help when you need it most.
  • We are available 24/7 – feeding issues don’t take a rest and neither do we.

We’re here to talk!