I got in touch with the Formula Feeding Helpline while I was still pregnant. I very much wanted to breast feed but have multiple mental health diagnoses that are exacerbated with lack of sleep. Obviously, babies notoriously keep parents up and my family and I had to work around that for my own well-being.

My partner, as well as my mom, were willing to do overnight feedings to help keep me healthy, but I very much wanted to nurse my baby as well. I heard “myths” about intentionally only breast feeding part-time from birth, but all of the available literature was focused on exclusive newborn breast feeding and told me that I could never have an adequate supply if I wasn’t willing to do it 24/7 from the start. There seemed to be so many rules and I could never comply.

Lauren was the only person I could find who claimed she could assist me with my goal. And so, she provided me with the prenatal education I needed. My baby was born and we immediately set up an all-day nursing routine but I never stimulated my breasts at night. Lo and Behold, my supply came in more than sufficient and my body regulated itself from the get-go. It just didn’t make much milk at night, which is what I needed. I was never awoken with engorged breasts overnight and my body allowed me to sleep while other caregivers tended to my baby with formula. I had more than enough milk during the day.

I did not think that I would ever be able to nurse my baby without a 110% staunch commitment, but I’m thrilled to report that 14 months later we are still going strong. No more night feedings though! Yay!

New York