I made the mistake with my first baby of letting her eat and sleep whenever she wanted, however she wanted, as much as she wanted. It made life very unpredictable and I found myself unnecessarily overwhelmed almost always.

By the time my second baby came, I had a toddler to care for as well. I did not want to do things the same way again. I wanted structure and routine but I had no idea how to achieve it.

I contacted Formula Feeding Helpline to help me understand how to get my baby on a schedule. Is it even possible? How much should I be feeding? How many hours apart? Did I need to nap her in between? Do I wake her to eat? What is a bedtime? My first daughter would eat 2 ounces one feeding and 6 ounces another. She rarely napped. It took me hours to get her to bed. I had no idea how people did it any other way. I had so many questions and I needed them answered by a human not a book.

My formula feeding consultant was an old hat at scheduling. She got me set up on a routine that worked for my family and helped me follow it for several days. I could turn to her if I thought it needed tweaking and gain reassurance that I was doing things right.

Let me tell you – night and day! My second daughter was so peaceful and content. She got enough sleep, which made her happy. She got enough food at each feeding, which helped her sleep and also made her happy. I had plenty of time to spend with my older daughter. And this baby was sleeping through the night much earlier, which was awesome for my husband and I!

Learning about and adopting a feeding schedule was wonderful for my family!

New York