I contacted the Formula Feeding Helpline when I was in serious need of formula selection advice. My baby was still young but had been bounced around between 3 to 4 different formulas already. He started out life on the standard newborn formula that the hospital provided, but after being fussy and having some spit-up, his doctor suggested a gentle formula. This did a bit better, but his stools then became affected and he was still constantly fussy after feedings, rarely resting. The doctor then suggested soy formula – maybe baby has milk intolerance? He projectile vomited the soy almost immediately. Then I think we were told to go back to the standard newborn formula? Honestly, I can’t even remember. It didn’t seem that our doctor knew what they hell was going on and was just throwing out some random, generalized guesses, but every time we were wrong, my baby boy suffered.

That’s when I got in touch with Lauren. She started asking me an array of super specific questions about what my baby ate, how much, how often, from what type of bottle, what his behaviors were like before, after, and in between feedings. She was asking me things that nobody ever took the time to ask before.

In the end, she strongly encouraged us to seek a medical evaluation for reflux, explaining that not all infant refluxes look the same from the outside. In addition, she suggested a good formula for him, bottle, feeding position, feeding schedule, and discussed thickened feedings to help with the reflux symptoms. Our doctor went on to confirm that her reflux suspicions were right. And as soon as we implemented her suggestions our baby boy started responding! He ate, kept his food down, and rested peacefully in between feedings! Best $30 I ever spent!