How It Works

Become a member… submit a ticket… check your email! 


1. Become a “Member” by selecting the Membership Level that best fits your needs
You will create a unique Member Login ID and Password which is how you will access the site during the time of your Membership.

Complete the questionnaire

Submit your payment
All major credit cards are accepted. We use PayPal in order to keep your financial information is secure.

2. Submit a “Ticket”
Submitting a Ticket is very similar to sending an e-mail, only all Formula Feeding Helpline’s written communications occur within a separate, private platform. Just like an e-mail, your Ticket will have a subject line and body. In the “body” portion of your Ticket it’s important to share as much as possible about why you are requesting a consultation. Doing so will aid us with response time, as well as the ability to provide the most appropriate feedback.

3. Check your e-mail
You will receive an alert as soon as we respond to your Ticket submission. You will then need to login to the site to communicate with your formula feeding consultant. To best assist you we may require additional information. Please be sure to respond back to any additional inquiries your consultant may have as promptly as possible.