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We offer different Membership Levels to best suit your needs.

When considering which Membership is right for you, please understand that we have roughly a 24-hour response time for substantive responses. So, the number of days in the Membership will roughly reflect the number of responses you can expect to receive as we communicate back and forth. What do we mean by substantive responses? Substantive responses are those which are informative, instructional and provide relevant direction to address the reason(s) for your consultation request. Substantive does not include any initial greeting or short, non-instructional responses such as, “OK,” “Yes,” “No,” or “You’re welcome!”.
We work as quickly as possible and our turnaround time reflects the care and personal attention we give to every high-quality response that we provide to our clients.

Three-Day Membership – $30 – Buy This Membership Now

The Three-Day Membership is the most affordable way to get the formula feeding help you need quickly.

The Three-Day Membership is recommended for those with more general formula feeding questions (how much and how often?), or those experiencing a single feeding issue. It is also great for prenatal caregivers who want to learn about formula feeding or how to supplement with formula from birth. This Membership is not recommended for complicated cases with multiple co-existing feeding issues. It is also not recommended for those with multiple babies. But if you’re curious about what we have to offer – or how we can help you – without making a larger financial commitment, then this Membership is right for you!

Seven-Day Membership – $60 – Buy This Membership Now

This Membership is designed for those with more complex feeding issues, those who have already experienced multiple formula switches but still require assistance, establishing a feeding schedule, or learning about multiple ways to supplement with formula while continuing to breast feed. We understand that some of the instructional feedback we might provide will require a wait-and-see period (for example, formula changes or a feeding schedule implementation) and this Membership allows us to coach you through such scenarios.

30-Minute Phone or Skype Consultation – $75 – Buy This Membership Now

Additional time will be prorated and billed

A phone consultation is the fastest, most comprehensive way to get the help you need. Once you complete the questionnaire, submit payment and submit your Ticket, a formula feeding consultant will promptly respond back to your Ticket submission to arrange a mutually convenient time to speak. During the phone call, she will listen to all of your concerns; perform fact finding, which involves asking an array of questions customized to your feeding issues; assess your needs; provide you with customized advice and potential product recommendations; and grant you reassurance – all in real time.

Phone consultations are particularly useful for the following scenarios: multiple co-existing feeding issues, formula supplementation help, feeding schedule help, multiple babies (twins or more), and those struggling emotionally with formula feeding.

Level Price  
Three-Day Membership $30.00 now.
Membership expires after 3 Days.
Seven-Day Membership $60.00 now.
Membership expires after 7 Days.
30-Minute Phone or Skype Consultation $75.00 now. Select

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