Our baby was fussy from the get-go. Even in the hospital, we didn’t have a sleepy newborn baby. Very early on, he started to display signs of reflux – spitting up, choking while feeding, wrenching, irritable, couldn’t be laid down. We went through several formula switches to try and make him more comfortable, in addition to reflux medication.

Our doctor’s best guess was just that none of our formula trials were really agreeing with him and he had reflux – he’d outgrow it. Well, every day seems like an eternity when you’re dealing with this.

My wife and I reached out to Formula Feeding Helpline because we really had nothing else to lose. We’d tried a lot. Lauren went through a lot of the things that our pediatrician had already recited. But then she wanted to see him feed. In a Skype session, we showed her how irritable he was while feeding and she saw him spit-up.

She noticed that his bottle latch was poor and that he was taking in a lot of air (making a clicking noise). We were using a wide bottle and so she suggested a narrow bottle designed to reduce air intake. We did as she instructed and also began swaddling him during feedings. While his symptoms did not disappear altogether, these simple changes improved his condition at least 85%. It was amazing. We were just using a crappy bottle that he didn’t feed well from. She was the first person to figure it out simply because she requested to see him eat and knew what to look for. Thank you, Lauren!