I found The Formula Feeding Helpline in my darkest hour. My baby was four weeks old and I just wasn’t producing enough breast milk. I was adamant from conception that I would exclusively breast feed him, and talked myself out of formula feeding 100 times over within those few weeks, even though my baby lost a large amount of weight after birth and was gaining it back at a snail’s pace.

He cried continuously, later I would come to find out it was because he was starving. The lactation consultants told me to feed on demand, even feed every hour, and pump in between. I followed their instructions, along with consuming every supplement you can imagine. I could NOT breast feed or pump any more frequently or any harder than I was; it was not possible. I was depressed and dreaded every feeding or pump session. I was exhausted, everything was a haze, and ALL I did was feed, pump, and repeat. My baby’s infancy was passing me by. As stated, he cried all the time and so did I.

But then I decided to reach out for formula feeding help.

Unfortunately, the people who were there to cheer on my breast feeding seemed to be rendered baffled and subsequently useless by my “mysterious” inability to produce enough milk for my son, despite my ardent compliance to their advice. There was really no one to turn to.

Finding Lauren at The Formula Feeding Helpline saved my breast feeding and SAVED MY LIFE.

I was clear with Lauren that I was not ready to give up breast feeding, but something had to give. She taught me about numerous supplementation techniques, so that I could pick and choose what might be best for my lifestyle and my goals. In the end, Lauren got us using a great breast-friendly bottle, helped us pick out a gentle formula to make the transition to and from breast milk easier, and taught me how to offer that first formula feeding to my son (how many ounces, temperature, etc.). He devoured 5 ounces in 5 minutes and passed out for four hours! It was the first time I’d seen him sleep for more than 20 minutes since birth! He was so hungry.

I actually used a couple supplementation techniques that Lauren taught me. At first, I would top off after every breast feed. Doing this made my son more content and more capable to physically breast feed. When he had the needed caloric energy (from the formula) to really put in the breast feeding effort, he ended up triggering my breasts to make more milk for him. That’s when I switched to another supplementation technique.

After some weeks, my daytime supply was pretty good and he required just a little formula supplementation top-off. At this point I dedicated myself to breast feeding him all day and decided to formula feed him at night. Actually, my husband began his overnight feedings at this point. I slept, daddy fed and participated, and baby boy got the nutrition that he needed and rested peacefully! He is eight-months-old now and still breastfeeds from me all day long. We will continue daytime breastfeeding until he decides to stop.

Thank you, Lauren, so much for guiding us to this happy place!